10 Simple Ways to Show Respect to Men



1. DON’T SPEAK UNLESS SPOKEN TO. Let Them initiate all conversations.
2. LOOK YOUR BEST. Men have eyes. Most Men have eyes that see. Therefore, you should always strive to be as visually appealing as possible. Work out every day. Don’t eat junk food. Do your hair. Buy expensive makeup and spend time applying it. Wear sexually-stimulating clothes that flatter your body type. Wear high heels. Be totally hairless from your eyelashes down. Have nice nails. Whiten your teeth. Smile pleasantly.
3. LET THEM LOOK. If you catch a Man checking you out, let Him look. Is He watching as you walk away? Walk slower and sway your hips more. Is He staring at your cleavage? Bend over so He can see more. Make eye contact and smile so that He knows it’s okay.
4. DON’T TALK BACK. No one likes a bitch. It doesn’t matter if He’s wrong. It doesn’t matter if He’s bugging you. It doesn’t matter if He’s being a jerk. Dont. Talk. Back. your mother was right: “If you have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all.”
5. TREAT THEM LIKE KINGS. Hold the door for Him. Buy Him dinner. Take Him out. Buy Him presents just because.
6. LAUGH AT HIS JOKES. It doesn’t matter if you don’t think it’s funny or not. Not laughing is rude. Laugh. Make Him feel good.
7. BE SEXUALLY AVAILABLE. Men need you to fuck. Men are out in the real world doing important things and get really stressed out and burnt out in the process. He wants to release His pent up frustrations on some tight little holes and perky tits. Enthusiastically let Him. It’s rude to say no.
8. CLEAN. Every Man deserves a spotless home, office and car. Make this happen for Him.
9. COOK. To His tastes, not your own.
10. SHOW HIM YOUR APPRECIATION. Never forget to take time to show your Man/the Men around you how much you love, respect and appreciate Him.

– @domesticcunt

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