A reminder to women


I know you browse tumblr desperately looking for the most degrading, misogynistic filth you can find just to get your drooling cunts off. That’s pathetic enough on its own right, but what’s worse, I know many of you try to somehow rationalize this disgusting behavior away as “just a fantasy”. You tell yourselves you aren’t really like this – that you’re normal, respectable and worthwhile people who just happen to enjoy this kind of porn. That is not true.

You are weak. You were born physically and mentally inferior, and somewhere deep down you know it. Why else would God have given you such a shameful, drooling hole down there? Your body reacts instinctively to being talked down to, abused and humiliated – in other words, to being treated right.

Your cunt knows what you really need even if your brain doesn’t want to admit it. You are no better than an animal, completely enslaved by your most primitive biological needs: food, water and rape, and anyone who can give you all three will have you crawling back for more again and again.

It’s not wearing a collar that marks a slave. It’s having a cunt.