alphasrule: sadisticgames: He leaves for work every weekday…



He leaves for work every weekday morning at 6am. 

After you’ve set out his clothing, made the coffee, warmed the shower, and set his breakfast on the table, this is where you’ll wait. 

He’ll shower, dress, have his coffee and breakfast, all while you wait by the door. 

He may or may not leave you special instructions, written on a note in the kitchen, or he may leave you to your usual chores. Either way, you’re never without work to do. 

He doesn’t speak to you as he approaches. Who speaks to their umbrella holder? He jerks the keys from your nipple, grinning as you scream unto the umbrella. Opening the door he finally takes the umbrella from between your teeth and steps out into the cool morning air. 

Goosebumps pebble your flesh before the door closes and you immediately head to the kitchen to clean up the mornings dishes, start laundry, and check to see if there are any special tasks. 

your life as an object is so busy, but so rewarding, you’re useful, and you please him. 

Learn this slaves….