severeabuser: Deep bruising on her tits and ass, mascara leaving…


Deep bruising on her tits and ass, mascara leaving a trail down her cheek, and a cattle prod about to be applied to the underside of her breast.

Yes, all of that makes my dick hard, but what strikes me about this picture isn’t the look of hopelessness and fear in her eyes…it’s that she wants it so much.

Look more carefully…while she’s wearing cuffs, they’re not restraining her hands in any meaningful way. Likewise, the rag stuffed into her mouth to muffle her screams isn’t fastened into place by any means at all; she could spit it out with ease, just as she could defend herself or get away from the abuse.

But she won’t do any of that. Why? Because of two reasons:

1 – Deep in her soul, she needs this…she knows she deserves this, and can’t bring herself to do anything to stop it, and

2 – She knows that, if she resists or fights what’s being done to her in any way, things could become SO much worse for her…

…because he might STOP treating her like a disposable piece of meat, and the thought of that pain is much worse than any agony she can be subjected to.

Which means she should be tightly restrained and shown that her physical agony certainly CAN be greater than that thought…that cattle prod directly to her clit a few times would be a good start.