Self-Humiliation Exercise For Girls



  1. Get completely naked and sit, legs spread, in front of a large or full length mirror.
  2. Calculate your BMI and write it on yourself in red lipstick. Make the numbers big.
  3. Begin masturbating while staring at that number. It’s far too high, isn’t it? You’re SO fucking fat.
  4. Keep masturbating. Look at that gross fat on your belly and thighs. No man would want that. No man would marry that. In fact, not many men would even rape that. Keep focusing on how gross you are.
  5. Keep masturbating. Look at your tits. Look at how they sag and they’re far too small to please anyone. They’re probably only good for beating.
  6. Keep masturbating while you spread your legs a little wider. Look at your cunt, your gross, slimy, loose, ugly cunt. It’s probably got big flaps of skin no man wants to feel on his dick. Disgusting. No wonder men keep asking to fuck your ass.
  7. Keep masturbating. Edge if you’d like, but remember this: DO NOT CUM. Fat pigs like you don’t deserve to cum.

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