sheneedhumiliation: This happend right after my prom night,…


This happend right after my prom night, this is not the girl I took on to the dance, that girl I had already used after about 1 hour in my teachr room.

No, this was one of the girls that hadn’t arrived to the party at all. Why do you ask? I had made sure of it. I talked with my friends and made sure not a single one will invite her. I wanted her to feel useless and undesired. She was one of the prettiest girls in school. And I wanted her to forget that.

I went to her house after I was done with my date. I told her I just need to get something about the remaining homework.

I came in and I saw on her face she was crying for hours. Her eyes were red and her nose run. I ignored it and took what I came to take, before I left she asked me how was prom.

I told her all about it. That it was amazing, and that everybody had so much fun, I even told her I had fun with my date and winked at her. At that point I felt she was close to a breaking point, so I told her I have to go.

She was really desperate for some company and tried to make me stay, I told her I haven’t yet finished with my date, she responded saying that maybe I have better option then that ugly girl. I looked her up and down, and asked questionably “You?”.
Like I’m hinting she is not even worth half of the other girl.

I saw the light going off in her eyes. I knew that in that point I could do anything

I told her I can stay for a little while more. Right when we sat down on the couch I sent my hand and groped her chest. I wanted it to be obvious why I’m here. She jumped and moved my hand, so I stand up and headed for the door. She called after me and asked me to come back. I had.

Of course I retunred my hand. She didn’t said a damn thing this time. And we talked a little more. All the while I keep groping and pinching her tits. In that point I ask her to bring me some water. When she gets up to get it I add “and lose the shirt”. She looks at me and headed for the kitchen. I think I saw a tear but she came back with a cup of water. And while I drank she removed her shirt and sat down next to me.

The rest is a long story, But long story short. This was how she looked 3 hours later. And it was just the start of an one of the most amazing experiences of my life.

If you will want and ask me for it. I will tell you the rest of that night. Let me know you want to hear the rest.

Also, if there is any girl here from Georgia or Israel, let me know. I’m probably visiting soon and I never been there. I want to hear from you.

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