Why Men will always be superior to women


For years now, the media has been spreading propaganda about the female species; about how they’re stronger, smarter, faster, more mature, healthier, wittier, and all around superior to men in every way. Cunts have been getting arrogant as society and the media has started to favor them over the superior species of Man. But you wanna know why cunts have grown such over inflated egos? Why they have such high opinions of themselves? Why there are women willing to be anything other then a caged animal with bruises on their face and a baby in their womb? 

Because Men let them.

Men have superior physical strength. This alone essentially means that no matter what women do, no matter what they say, no matter how much they cry and whine and beg, we are ALWAYS in control of them. We let them act foolish and chauvinistic because of our inherent good nature and superior intelligence. One smack of a backhand and that freedom and liberty that cunts have been striving for so many years is all because we LET them.

All of women’s accomplishments, all of their victories, all of their ideas and all of their empowerment exist because we LET IT exist. It’s a parasite, attaching itself to mankind and letting itself suck out the energy of humans so it can grow stronger, because it can’t feed itself. 

Any and all stupid cunts on this site should be THANKFUL that men have let them even breath this long. Give the nearest man a blowjob and let him hit you. Give thanks that the superior species even lets you live this long.