yournaturalstate: F.A.Q. Answers to a few frequently asked…



Answers to a few frequently asked questions from visitors to Your Natural State.

How do I accept my natural state? Keep scrolling.

Why is it so hard to think? Because your thoughts are just noise and brains are for boys.

Am I being hypnotized? Your eyes do look a little glassy.

Why should I be a bimbo? Why shouldn’t you be?

What do you mean by The Patriarchy? You know that shirt you’re wearing, the computer you’re using, the phone you’re reading this on? Every TV show you watch and the porn you watch? The reason you shave your pussy and never leave the house without makeup? That’s what I mean.

Why should I expose my body? Because it’s what Men expect.

Why do I love being called a good girl? Conditioning that’s so deep that it’s become a permanent part of you.

Am I being brainwashed? Yes.

What should I aspire to be? Less.

But I’m a feminist… That’s okay, sweetie. You won’t be much longer.